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September 16, 2009

OSHA Fire Prevention Plans

Are Fire Prevention Plans Required for All Workplaces?
Not necessarily. OSHA standards for facilities using the following flammable materials require fire prevention plans:
   - Ethylene Oxide (1910.1047)
   - Methylenedianiline (1910.1050)
   - 1,3 Butadiene (1910.1051)
All fire prevention plans must:
   - Be available for employee review
   - Include housekeeping procedures for storage and cleanup of flammable materials and flammable waste
   - Address handling and packaging of flammable waste (Recycling of flammable waste such as paper is encouraged)

   - Cover procedures for controlling workplace ignition sources such as smoking, welding and burning
   - Provide for proper cleaning and maintenance of heat-producing equipment such as burners, heat exchangers, boilers, ovens, stoves and fryers; and require storage of flammables away from this equipment
   - Inform workers of potential fire hazards and plan procedures
   - Require plan review with all new employees and with all employees whenever the plan is changed

OSHA's Fire Safety Advisor is interactive software that can help you understand and apply OSHA's Fire Safety related standards. You can use the Advisor online, or download it and run it in Windows.
Fire Safety Advisor addresses OSHA's general industry standards for fire safety and emergency evacuation (Subpart E, 29CFR1910.36, 37, and 38) and also addresses OSHA standards for firefighting, fire suppression and fire detection systems and equipment (Subpart L, 29CFR1910.156 through 165).
The software will interview you about your building, work practices and policies to determine whether and how OSHA's Fire Safety standards may apply. Fire Safety Advisor 1.0:

   - Asks you about workplace conditions, practices and policies
   - Analyzes your answers with expert-decision logic
   - Alerts you to fire safety hazards
   - Points out applicable OSHA standards
   - Tells you what aspects of these standards apply to your situation
   - Helps you conduct detailed compliance reviews
   - Helps you write customized Emergency Action Plans and Fire Prevention Plans
   - Shows you pop-up (hypertext) definitions of keywords and phrases
   - Gives you a reformatted, reader-friendly copy of the regulations
The software can be downloaded from the OSHA Web site or you can use the online version here.
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