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January 26, 2010

Top Nine Topics of '09

Here's a recap and links to the top nine Compliance Signs Connection topics of 2009, determined by what readers clicked on the most.

1. OSHA. From the
Top 10 Documents You'll Need When OSHA Arrives to a Hazard Assessment and PPE Needs Guide to the Top 10 Safety Violations of 2009, OSHA was the hottest topic for Connection readers, although it was just ahead of topic #2.

2. H1N1. No surprise here, because the H1N1 pandemic touched every state. And it's not done yet! The most popular articles included
How to Prepare for Swine Flu in Your Workplace, the Chamber of Commerce H1N1 Flu Guide and our survey of H1N1 in Your Workplace.

3. ComplianceSigns products were also popular choices, including our new
Sign Posts and Mounting Hardware, Fire Exit Signs and State No Smoking Signs.

4. Safety Management Group articles about
Effective Emergency Action Plans, Winter Worksite Dangers and Strategies that Set the Tone for Safety.

5. Winter Safety Information including a feature article on
Winter Workplace Safety and Tips to Prevent Cold-Related Injuries.

6. NFPA information of all kinds was popular, including
Understanding the NFPA Diamond and our easy-to-use Custom NFPA Sign Generator.

7. Cell Phones were featured in the December issue:
Cell Phone Safety Makes Good $ense, as well as the NSC Cell Phone Policy Kit.

8. ANSI/OSHA topics. Our
FAQ: OSHA or ANSI? received a lot of interest, as did our Understanding ANSI/ASME Pipe Marking Standards and Help Me Choose page.

9. DOT information rounds out our "Top Nine of '09" popular links, including
New DOT Guide: What You Should Know About Developing a Hazmat Training Program and Rules to Enhance Pipeline Safety.

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