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March 20, 2010

Ex-OSHA Official Gives Advice on Letters and Inspections

A former OSHA official who now runs a safety consulting service is offering advice to anyone who received the letter of concern about accident and illness rates. Jim Stanley, President of FDRsafety, says that although the letter didn't specifically threaten inspections, the likelihood is high that recipients will soon be visited by an OSHA inspector, given the agency's announced emphasis on enforcement.
Stanley says there are five key things to do to improve workplace safety and have the best result possible when OSHA comes calling:
  • Update Documentation - Make sure your documentation is accurate and your written health and safety program is current. Also make sure your injuries and illnesses are accurately recorded and classified in your OSHA log.
  • Emphasize Training - Make sure you have conducted all training required under your program and by federal regulation.
  • Analyze Accidents - Identify where your accidents and illnesses are happening. Analyze work habits and processes associated with them and take permanent corrective action.
  • Conduct a Mock OSHA Audit - Inspect your facility just as OSHA would.
  • Go the Extra Mile - Go beyond OSHA requirements and promote a safety culture.
If you show an effort to truly improve your workplace environment, OSHA will recognize your efforts, and any fines you might receive could be lower than they otherwise would be, says Stanley. But the larger point is that you will create a safer workplace that is likely to produce fewer accidents and illnesses for your employees.
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