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April 21, 2010

Keep Springtime Allergies From Impacting Workplace Safety

Spring has "sprung" especially early this year, and pollen counts across the country are at all-time highs. The normal pollen count is about 124, but in some parts of the country counts as high as 5,000 have been recorded. Levels this high affect workers indoors and out - and can make it difficult to focus on the job or on proper safety measures.
There are two reasons for this, reports Web MD: the allergy symptoms; or the medications taken to combat them. To stay alert with allergies at work one doctor recommends non-sedating antihistamines or asking your doctor about a nasal steroid spray. Here are three tips to help take charge of on-the-job allergies:
  • Ensure work areas are well ventilated and have proper humidity to minimize molds (less than 50% for an indoor office).
  • Regularly dust work areas.
  • If you clean your own workplace, wear a dust mask.
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