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June 22, 2010

Employee Surveys Help Identify Problem Areas

The National Safety Council has declared June as National Safety Month and developed a variety of events and materials to promote home and workplace safety, including employee perception surveys to help you identify safety concerns and evaluate your safety program.
A survey is the most accurate, timely and sensitive indicator of safety program quality and can help you find the strengths and weaknesses of your safety program. Surveys collect feedback directly from employees at all levels of your organization, providing a leading set of indicators of safety program quality and effectiveness. Employee surveys can:
 Blue_Bullet_Small  Identify and prioritize problem areas
 Blue_Bullet_Small  Increase employee involvement, awareness and responsibility regarding the safety, health and security programs
 Blue_Bullet_Small  Raise morale
 Blue_Bullet_Small  Establish an early warning system
 Blue_Bullet_Small  Expedite problem solution and program improvement
 Blue_Bullet_Small  Validate management decisions
 Blue_Bullet_Small  Establish baseline measure for future re-survey comparison
 Blue_Bullet_Small  Monitor safety program and improvement progress
The NSC offers employee safety surveys that: Automatically create a prioritized list for strategic action planning and improvement; Get employees involved in the safety process; and Set a baseline for measuring future improvement.
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