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June 22, 2010

Safety Tip: Preventing Overexertion

The NSC reports that overexertion is the third leading cause for non-fatal injuries in the United States. Overexertion injuries to the back or spine - mainly sprains and strains - comprise about 40 percent of both on and off-the-job injuries.
Pacing and moving properly can help avoid injuries and improve productivity. Here are some tips from the NSC to help prevent overexertion:
  • Stretch and/or warm up before heavy lifting or strenuous activity
  • Know your limits. Don't be afraid to slow your pace or take a break if your body needs one
  • Lighten your load with a friend! Take the strain off with half the load
  • Avoid bending, reaching and twisting when lifting
  • Lift with your legs bent and objects close to your body
View back safety posters and tip sheets in English and Spanish, and more at the NSC site.

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