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July 26, 2010

Find Your Signs Even Faster with New ComplianceSigns Menus

If you've been to our website this week, you've noticed a big change in our design. The left-side menu is gone and a new top menu with drop-down windows is in place. This change makes it even easier to go directly to the sign or category you need, and also gives us room for more links as we continuously expand our selection of signs and labels.

You'll also notice new graphic elements on our main pages. The main photo window shows what area you're in and lists key product types you'll find there. It also gives key purchasing information for new customers:

Blue_Bullet_Small Click the Fast & Easy Purchasing link to see a video of simple steps to search for and buy signs and labels from the store.
Blue_Bullet_Small Check the Compliance Guarantee link to learn about our new policy that ensures you'll get the right sign for your compliance inspection.

We're also making other changes throughout the store - all designed to help you find the signs you need - fast and easy. Check out these new and updated pages:

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