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November 18, 2010

Menu Focus: Exit and Enter Signs

Navigation tabs at quickly take you to a variety of signs on various topics. Here's a look at the EXIT & Enter tab:
  • Surface Mount - Flat signs with a variety of messages and graphics
  • 2D Projection - Aluminum signs stand out from the wall for viewing from either side
  • 3D Triangle Projection - Aluminum signs viewable from any angle
  • Ceiling Mount Projection - Flanged signs project down from suspended / drop ceilings
  • Enter & Exit Sets - One for IN, one for OUT - pretty simple!
  • ADA Braille Exit - Laser-engraved ADA signs in 24 colors provide visual, tactile and Grade 2 Braille information
  • OSHA, ANSI & More - Includes standard safety signs for doors, exits, gates and more
  • Automatic Door - Signs and strip labels to identify automatic doors
  • No Trespassing - A wide variety of trespassing signs for use at property entrances

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