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October 19, 2010

OSHA Evaluates State OSH Programs, Seeks Changes

  Federal OSHA officials recently announced they found numerous deficiencies in state-run occupational safety and health programs during a special evaluation of programs under the agency's jurisdiction. Evaluations of 25 state programs are now available online.

"While we found many positives in the state programs, we also found deficiencies including concerns about identification of hazards, proper classification of violations, proposed penalty levels, and failure to follow up on violations to ensure that workplace safety and health problems are corrected," said OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels.

Reports on each state are now available on OSHA's Web site. The Enhanced Federal Annual Monitoring and Evaluation reports provide detailed findings and recommendations on the operations of state-run OSHA programs in 25 states and territories. States will have 30 days to provide a formal response, including a detailed corrective action plan for addressing findings and recommendations. Each state's formal response will be public information and available online as soon as it is received.

The review was initiated after a 2009 special OSHA report on Nevada's program (prompted by numerous construction-related fatalities in Las Vegas) identified serious operational deficiencies in that state.

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