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October 19, 2010

OSHA: Texting While Driving is a Violation

Citing the original Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 that requires employers to "provide a workplace free of serious recognized hazards," OSHA has called on employers to "prohibit any work policy or practice that requires or encourages workers to text while driving."

Texting while driving greatly increases the risk of being injured or killed in motor vehicle crashes, which are the leading cause of worker fatalities year after year, says OSHA. Based on that belief, employers who require or encourage texting while driving violate the OSH Act.

In a recent statement, OSHA declared: Employers who require their employees to text while driving - or who organize work so texting while driving is a practical necessity even if not a formal requirement - violate the OSH Act. When OSHA receives a credible complaint that an employer requires texting while driving or organizes work so that texting is a practical necessity, OSHA will investigate and where necessary issue citations and penalties to end this practice.

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