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October 19, 2010

What's New at - October 2010

  Wet Floor Cones and Stands. Now you can order wet floor CAUTION cones and floor signs from your favorite safety sign supplier. Use these stackable cones, folding floor signs and more to identify wet floor hazards throughout your facility. See them all here.

Tip / Climbing Hazard signs and labels. Wherever there are storage racks or shelves for storage or display, people will climb them to reach what's on top. That can lead to accidents and injuries - either from falling or tipping the shelves over. We now have a selection of signs and labels to help you prevent these mishaps. Browse climbing hazard signs and labels here.

Call Before Digging. Calling before you dig isn't just a good idea, in many cases, it's the law. We now have a collection of signs in OSHA, ANSI and standard formats. Many show the national 811 Call Before You Dig number, but you can also customize a digging safety sign with a specific phone number. Check them out here.

Automatic Door signs and Labels. We've added dozens of signs and strip labels to our automatic door collection, including door frame labels, door stickers and wall signs. See them all here.

Coming soon: New signs regarding cell phone use, hazardous atmosphere, smoking and recycling.

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