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December 17, 2010

Fire / Emergency - Fire Safety Signs

The Fire / Emergency tab at is your access point to hundreds of safety signs and labels in four main categories: Fire Safety, Fire Exit, Fire Extinguisher / Equipment and Fire Fighter / Rescue / EMS. The Fire Safety page is the place to go for general fire safety signs, including: Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Access, Fire Lane, Gas Shut Off and more. You'll also find signs for DoD Fire Division, Roof Access, OSHA and ANSI. Many are available with reflective or glow-in-the-dark materials. Here's an overview of the Fire Safety section:
  • Surface Mount - Flat signs with a variety of messages, colors and graphics
  • 2D Projection - Aluminum signs stand out from the wall for viewing from either side
  • 3D Triangle Projection - Fire hose, fire alarm and other signs viewable from any angle
  • Ceiling Mount Projection - Mark fire exits, alarms and doors with signs that project down from suspended / drop ceilings
  • Roof Access - Mark roof ladders, hatches and other access routes with signs and labels in a variety of styles
  • DoD Fire Division - Signs and labels for DoD hazard classes, per Directive 6055.9
  • DOT Hazard - Includes placards, labels, shipping signs and aircraft hazardous material items
  • Elevator / Escalator Fire Signs - Includes In Case of Fire instructions in several styles with Braille
  • Truss Construction - Signs to identify buildings with truss construction are required in many areas
  • OSHA and ANSI - A variety of headers with messages for flammable materials and fire hazards

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