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December 17, 2010

Top 10 Safety Topics of 2010

Here's a recap and links to the top 10 ComplianceSigns Connection topics of 2010, determined by what readers viewed the most.
  1. OSHA news was the #1 topic again this year. Popular items included the Field Ops Manual, Workplace Violation letters, State Reports, and Consultation changes.
  2. Cell Phone / Texting Laws changed almost monthly as federal and state governments adopted driving laws to control distracted driving - and people needed relevant signs.
  3. Crane Safety. New OSHA crane rules made crane-related signs and information a hot topic.
  4. H1N1 and Seasonal Flu. Connection readers monitored H1N1 flu activity through the spring and posted hand washing signs to help stop the pandemic. This fall, we're all interested in a new CDC flu toolkit for businesses.
  5. Construction Safety is always a concern, sparking interest in a Safety Management Group article on 13 construction myths and our great selection of construction safety signs.
  6. National Safety Month in June attracted a lot of attention, as readers downloaded a calendar with daily safety tips from the National Safety Council.
  7. New EPA Lead Laws for contractors took effect this year, and many readers took advantage of Connection links to lead-related EPA information, OSHA standards and construction safety signs.
  8. OSHA and Custom Sign links were popular, giving readers quick access to our huge selection of OSHA signs and our Custom Sign Generator.
  9. Fire Extinguisher Signs and Labels also proved popular with readers, who easily browsed our growing selection of fire extinguisher, fire safety and fire exit signs.
  10. Severe Weather and Wet Floors. Spring storms across the country spurred interest in our new severe weather and area of rescue signs. Our new wet floor stands and cones were also popular this year.

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