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January 21, 2011

Restroom / Hand Washing Signs

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The Restroom / Hand Washing tab at is the entry point to two related, but distinctly different, areas of the store - each with hundreds of signs to choose from. No matter what your signage need, you're sure to find the right sign at the right price on our Restroom and Hand Washing pages. Here's what you'll find on each:

Restroom Signs:
  • ADA Braille - Laser-engraved acrylic restroom identification signs in 22 color combinations.
  • Printed, Multi-Mount - Printed on a variety of materials, options include surface-mount signs and signs that stand out from the wall or ceiling for increased visibility. Standard, designer and premium colors match our engraved acrylic signs.
  • California Title 24 Sets - California has specific rules for restroom signs, and we've got the signs you need to meet the requirements. Door / wall sets and individual signs and symbols are available in standard, designer and premium colors.
  • Engraved Office Signs - Available in 2 sizes, 9 colors, with or without symbols, and with your choice of silver- or gold-finish wall brackets.
  • Sliding Signs - These engraved acrylic signs slide left and right in a metal bracket to indicate the status of the room: (Men / Women; Occupied / Vacant). Available in 9 colors.
  • Tactile Braille - These slightly enlarged versions of our Office Signs include Grade 2 Braille and a matte finish. Choose from 22 color combinations.
  • Informational Signs - Check this page to find baby changing signs, hygiene reminders and more.
Hand Washing Signs:
  • Instructions - These printed signs use words and symbols to show proper hand washing techniques.
  • OSHA and ANSI - Notice, Warning and other headers can help prevent contamination and injury in the workplace.
  • Engraved - Nine color combinations to identify hand washing facilities and remind employees to wash up.
  • Engraved, Braille - 22 color combinations in ADA and office styles.
  • Clear Labels - These adhesive-backed clear labels work great on mirrors and chrome surfaces.
  • Child-Friendly - These signs with bright colors and fun designs are sure to appeal to kids - and help teach them good hand washing habits.
  • Plaques and Frames - If your restrooms deserve a designer touch, look through our collection of signs with wood frame and plaque options, or choose a brushed metal finish.

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