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March 30, 2011

March 2011 News and Notes

Insurance Group Petitions for Stronger Underride Guards on Tractor-Trailers. Recent crash testing shows the guards can fail in relatively low-speed crashes - with deadly consequences. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety evaluated three semi-trailer rear guards complying with US rules and reports, "Damage to the cars in some of these tests was so devastating that it's hard to watch the footage without wincing. If these had been real-world crashes there would be no survivors." Regulatory gaps allow many heavy trucks to forgo guards altogether. The Institute is petitioning the government to require stronger underride guards and mandate guards for more large trucks and trailers. Read more here, or browse transportation safety signs at

Report Identifies Seven Strategies for Safer Workplaces. Many workplace injuries and deaths could be prevented by applying lessons learned from our country's history of workplace health and safety. That's the message of a new report from the University of Massachusetts Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. Lessons Learned: Solutions for Workplace Safety and Health presents six case studies and identifies seven high-priority strategies for making workplaces safer. Learn more about the report here or browse industrial hazard safety signs here.

New NSC tool helps employers promote at-home employee safety. Employees and employers alike benefit when employees stay safe and healthy beyond the workplace.The Family Safety & Health Employer Resource addresses topics including: driving safety, tobacco cessation, vaccine-preventable disease and more. This online resource helps employers integrate family safety and health into existing safety programs and targets the leading causes of injury, illness and death. Learn more at the National Safety Council

OSHA publishes final rule on nuclear and environmental retaliation complaints. OSHA recently published a final rule that aligns procedures for handling whistle blower retaliation complaints under the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 and six environmental statutes with other OSHA whistle blower provisions. The new regulations allow workers to file complaints in writing, orally and in other languages. Additionally, workers will receive copies of documents submitted by the employer in response to their complaints, subject to applicable privacy and confidentiality laws. Read more here or read the final OSHA rule here

Red Cross revises First Aid, CPR, AED training. The American Red Cross has revised its First Aid/CPR/AED program to include the latest scientific updates and make it more convenient for participants. Highlights include a two-year certification and shorter, more interactive classes. A choice of course materials are available, including online and printed materials. Participants will receive quarterly online refreshers, including quizzes and learning activities to help keep their skills as sharp as possible.The updated program meets OSHA guidelines for first aid training. Learn more here or browse Medical / First Aid signs at

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