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February 20, 2011

Menu Focus: Safety Labels

The Safety Labels tab at gives you easy access to hundreds of labels with Prohibited, Circle and Triangle formats covering dozens of topics from body hazards to recycling. All are available in standard gloss white material, and some include glow-in-the-dark and reflective material options.

Body Hazards - Includes poisons, respiratory and ingestion hazards, tip and crush warnings, pinch points and much more in black on white.

Circle Symbols - These labels in varied colors include PPE reminders, Do Not Enter symbols and more.

First Aid, Fire, Material Hazards - Available in a variety of colors, with topics such as radioactive, falling rocks, fire, crane, fire equipment, first aid and more.

General Symbols - This folder contains symbols you might use for just about anything, from housekeeping reminders and ATM machines to directional arrows, hand washing and restrooms.

Prohibited Symbols - Just as the name says, you'll find dozens of topics here with the universal "No" diagonal slash across them: No smoking, no diving, no food, no matches, no jewelry - no kidding!

Triangle Symbols - Use these black on yellow triangle labels to warn people of a variety of hazards.

Work Safety and PPE Symbols - This collection of labels address a wide range of PPE and hazard issues, including static electricity, gas cylinders, hearing protection, lasers, forklifts and more.

Recycling Labels - Includes dozens of labels to identify recycling bins and collection areas. Recycling topics include everything from aluminum, paper and plastic to electrical and garden waste.

ALL Symbols - If you're not sure where to look, this folder has them ALL.

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