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March 30, 2011

New OSHA Small Business Guide to Cranes and Derricks Rule

OSHA recently published a guide addressing the most common compliance issues employers will face under the new cranes and derricks rule, published in August 2010.This guide is divided into chapters that correspond to the sections of the standard.

The guide focuses on the standard's provisions that address the most serious hazards and the compliance issues that employers will face most frequently. Some issues that arise less frequently are addressed briefly or not at all. In some places, the guide refers the reader to sections of the standard for more detailed information about particular topics.

"This guide will help employers understand what they must do to protect their workers from these dangerous, sometimes fatal incidents," said OSHA chief David Michaels.

The guide does not describe all provisions of the standard or alter the compliance responsibilities set forth in the standard, which is published at 29 CFR 1926.1400 - 1442. Readers must refer to the standard itself, which is available on OSHA's website and in the Federal Register and will be published in the Code of Federal Regulations, to determine all of the steps that must be taken to comply with the standard.

Employers who use cranes and derricks in construction work must comply with the standard. In addition, other employers on construction sites where cranes and derricks are used are responsible for violations that expose their employees to hazards and, therefore, need to know the requirements of the standard that may affect their employees.

Other OSHA compliance materials on crane-related topics, including a PowerPoint overview, web chat transcript, webinar, list of frequently asked questions and fact sheets can be found on OSHA's website.

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