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February 20, 2011

Safety Tip: Skid-Steer Loaders

NIOSH studies suggest that employers, supervisors and workers may not fully appreciate the potential hazards associated with operating or working near skid-steer loaders. Here are a few simple tips for preventing deaths and injuries:
    Seat belts must be worn in this vehicle at all times
  • Read and understand all safety and operating procedures outlined in the operators manual, workshop manual and safety decals.
  • Be aware that each machine may operate differently.
  • Operate the loader only when properly positioned in the operator's compartment - never from the outside.
  • Stay seated when operating the loader controls.
  • Operate with the seat belt snugly fastened and the restraint bar properly positioned, if one is provided.
  • Keep hands, arms, legs, and head inside the operator's compartment while operating the loader.
  • Travel and turn with the bucket in the lowest position possible. Carry the load low.
  • NEVER modify or bypass safety devices.
  • NEVER carry riders.
  • Enter and exit from the loader safely.
  • Maintain the machine in safe operating condition.
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