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February 20, 2011

What's New at

In the past month, we've added hundreds of new safety signs and labels, including:

Hazardous Waste Labels to comply with EPA or state hazardous waste programs.

Age to Operate signs that remind young workers to stay clear of certain machinery.

Ammonia Refrigeration Pipe Labels and Label Reference Charts that comply with IIAR Bulletin 114 and ASME A13.1.

OSHA Crane Hand Signal Posters that clearly show approved hand signals for crane operation.

Lithium Battery Hazardous Materials labels to properly identify lithium batteries for transport.

Custom Maltese Cross Fire Fighter Safety Building Marking System (FFSBMS) signs to fulfill NFPA 1: Annex Q for standardized identification of building construction types, fire protection systems or hazards.

We're always updating our site to provide the safety signs and labels you need. Watch for hazardous chemical identification, In / Out sets, pool signs and much more in the month ahead.

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