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May 31, 2011

What's New at - May 2011

We added more than 750 new signs to our store in April and May, and we're fast approaching 50,000 unique items you can order in a variety of sizes and materials. Here are some of the latest additions:

Oversize Load Banners to identify wide, long and oversize vehicle loads. Some are two-sided with a different message on each side, for greater versatility. Our new wide load banners are available in a variety of sizes on heavy vinyl, flexible magnetic or vinyl label materials. Check them out here.

Truck, Shipping and Receiving signs to direct drivers to your shipping office, identify delivery areas, show idling rules and more. See them here.

Hydraulic Lift safety signs cover a variety of topics related to hydraulic lifts, lift points and more. Useful for auto lifts, cranes and other material handling needs. Browse here.

Trash and Dumpster Rules signs in a variety of formats. We added more than 130 new signs and labels to address dumpsters, compactors, private containers, load levels, security and more. See them all here.

Lifting and Back Belts signs remind employees to use proper lifting techniques. We've created new signs for 2-, 3- and 4-person lifting in a variety of formats. Browse here.

Playground / Children at Play signs to identify areas where children play - and adults must use caution. See them here.

Other recent additions include: Spanish and bilingual Tobacco-Free Campus signs and updated Parking, NFPA Diamond and No Smoking signs.

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