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June 24, 2011

Distracted Driving Policies: How Do Yours Compare?

A recent survey shows 32 percent of companies have knowledge or evidence of on-the-job crashes that occurred as a result of employee cell-phone use while driving. The survey of  500 business managers in North America was designed to gauge corporate attitudes and best practices pertaining to distracted driving.

The survey, commissioned by ZoomSafer, shows 62 percent of companies have adopted written policies against cell phone use while driving - but only half attempt to enforce their own policies. Other findings include:
  • 50% of companies with more than 500 drivers have knowledge or evidence of phone-related crashes.
  • 7.6% of companies have faced litigation for damages alleged to have occurred as a result of employee use of cell phones while driving. For companies with >5000 drivers, the rate is 37%.
  • Long-haul and local trucking companies were the most likely to have written cell phone policies (71% and 83% respectively) while home and business services companies were least likely (< 50%).
  • 25% of respondents who claimed to have a policy declined to answer how such policies were enforced. Among companies that did answer the policy enforcement question, 61% said they utilized "post-incident" employee discipline to enforce compliance.

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