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June 24, 2011

Menu Focus: Environmental Signs

The Environmental tab at the top of any page is your fast and easy access point to hundreds of environment-related signs and labels. Here's what you'll find on the Environmental Signs page:
  • Conserve Energy signEnergy Conservation signs to remind employees and visitors to conserve energy and water, or identify no idling zones. 
  • Recycled Water signs identify spigots with recycled or non-potable water that's not safe to drink.
  • Trash / Litter signs that include OSHA, ANSI and standard headers on topics ranging from dumpster rules to maximum load level, to private container signs and even video surveillance warnings.
  • Surface-mount Recycling Signs to identify recycling areas and instructions, as well as a plastic recycling chart that explains the various plastic types.
  • Hybrid Vehicle signsEngraved Recycling Signs in a variety of colors, with tactile and Braille options.
  • Recycling Labels are available in seven sizes, and provide a fast, easy and economical way to identify recycling sorting bins and areas.
  • The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Park / Charge page is also available from the Environmental tab. It features 36 signs designating electric vehicle charging stations, alternative fuels available, hybrid and carpool parking spaces and more.

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