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June 24, 2011

OSHA Postpones Residential Fall Protection Start Date

Fall Protection PPE signsResidential construction employers now have until September 15 to comply with OSHA's new fall protection directive. The three-month phase-in was announced less than 2 weeks before the original effective date of June 16. The new directive calls for all residential construction employers to use conventional fall protection, in compliance with Code 1926.501(b)(13).

During the phase-in period (June 16-Sept. 15), if an employer is in full compliance with the old directive (STD 03-00-001), OSHA will not issue citations. Instead, employers will receive a hazard alert letter listing feasible methods they can use to comply with OSHA's fall protection standard or implement a written fall protection plan. If the employer's practices do not meet the requirements set in the old directive, OSHA will issue appropriate citations.

A variety of resources and guidance materials are available to help employers comply with the new directive. They include a new fall-protection slide show and a list of references on the OSHA web site. The slide show describes safety methods and explains techniques currently used by employers during various stages of construction. Learn more with these links:

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