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June 24, 2011

Prepare For Severe Weather

Ask workers on a typical jobsite about the hazards they face on a daily basis, and few (if any) will put severe weather near the top of the list. But in most parts of the U.S., severe weather conditions occur every year. For those who live in one of the nation's "tornado alleys," powerful thunderstorms are a regular element of spring and summer weather. Other parts of the country may contend with hurricanes, flooding or other weather extremes.

As this spring's wild weather demonstrated again and again, no place is completely safe from nature's fury. That's true for indoor workplaces, but it's an even greater concern on outdoor jobsites. That's why steps for dealing with severe weather situations are a critical part of any safety plan. While you can't predict extreme weather with any degree of accuracy, you can protect your team by preparing for the problems it creates. The safety experts at Safety Management Group can help you identify and prepare for potential hazards. Read more here or browse severe weather safety signs here

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