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June 24, 2011

What's New at

We've added more than 1,900 new signs, labels and tags to in May and June, and we have many more new items on the way. Here are highlights of our recent additions:

Lockout / Tagout Safety TagsSafety Tags for Lockout / Tagout and Accident Prevention. Now you can buy flexible PVC safety tags in a variety of formats on a wide range of topics, and blank, write-on tags, too. Nearly 700 tags are easy to order from our new selection pages. All include a metal grommet and plastic cable tie. Start here to see them all.

How's My Driving / We Hire Safe Drivers Vehicle Signs. These bumper stickers and square truck safety signs make your safety messages clear. Some with custom phone number and company name. See them here.

ComplianceSigns Resource Resource Guide. This 47-page pdf booklet answers questions you may have about our company, how our products are made, our guarantee, return policies and more. But it's not a product catalog. There's simply no way we could produce a catalog that would keep up with our ever-changing selection of signs and labels. Download the Guide, or see all our product bulletins here.

Call Before Digging - 811. Call Before You Dig signsThis new page features more than 120 OSHA, ANSI and other signs and labels related to digging hazards. Many include the 811 national call-before-digging hotline number. Others can be customized with your own phone number. Visit the Call Before Digging page here.

Designer Orange Restroom and Office Signs. We've added more than 750 black-on-orange and white-on-orange printed signs for restrooms and offices. All are available with your choice of mounting option: flat, 2D projection, 3D triangle or easy drop-ceiling mount. See Office Signs here and browse Restroom Signs here.

We've also added dozens of Spanish and bilingual printed restroom signs, and soon will be adding hundreds more non-English signs throughout the store.

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