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July 20, 2011

SAFETY TIP: Basic Chemical Handling

Many chemicals have great potential to do great harm. Use these basic tips as a starting point to ensure safe chemical handling:
    1. Read the label. If you need more information, check the MSDS. 
    2. Dress the part. Wear proper protective clothing and equipment as required.
    3. Follow directions. If the label says, "use only with adequate ventilation," make sure you do.Never mix chemicals unless you've been trained and authorized.
    4. Know emergency procedures. Be familiar with first aid procedures, emergency eye wash showers and posted emergency phone numbers.
    5. Be careful. Don't work alone, don't hurry or take shortcuts.
    6. Report any suspected problems. Report any equipment that malfunctions or needs repair, as well as anything unusual about the chemicals.
    7. Keep your work area neat, clean and organized.
    8. Store everything properly. Close containers tightly. Keep flammables in a safe area.

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  1. Make sure to follow all the given tips in this blog post to make sure that you will be handling chemicals in a safe manner. By doing so, you are given assurance that accidents will be prevented. Thanks for sharing!