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August 23, 2011

ComplianceSigns, Inc - 2nd Year on the Inc 5000 List

Congratulations once again to the employees, partners, and friends of ComplianceSigns, Inc. For the second year in a row, ComplianceSigns, Inc. is ranked in the top 5000 private growth companies in the United States. Our rank this year is 1,768 overall, and #49 in manufacturing.

When communicating news of the award, company president Paul Sandefer said, "Ratings are calculated by dividing current year revenue by revenue from four years prior, comparing percentage growth in the four year window. It is a difficult task for manufacturers to make this list because revenue scaling is more difficult compared to other industries such as financial services and insurance. It is even more difficult to repeat year to year - because as a company grows, high growth percentages are hard to maintain."

"To make the list two years in a row is a testament to the hard work of our employees, and the contribution of our partners in very challenging economic times."

Here is the link to the ComplianceSigns, Inc. ranking description:

Thank you for your ongoing efforts and support!

August 19, 2011

Top News This Month

  • Manufacturers are #2 on OSHA SVEP list
  • GHS direction now scheduled for September
  • Online help available for OSHA crane rules
  • Floor cleaning techniques impact slips and falls
  • Download materials for Drive Safely Work Week in October

August Customer Comments

Here's what our customers are saying about us this month:

Professional company that is very user-friendly.  Website was easy to navigate, with clear and precise product information.
- Kelli S., HAPO Community Credit Union, Washington

How can you top this? You sent me 5 reflective neighborhood watch signs on thick aluminum for what the other guys charge for non-reflective plastic signs. I'm happier than a rat eating Cheetos.
Kim D., California

August Welcome

It's back-to-school time in many communities - time to prepare for new teachers, new rules and new experiences. Sounds a lot like workplace safety, doesn't it? Consider this month's Connection a study guide for your safety needs.

Whether you're preparing for upcoming GHS labeling standards, changing ADA requirements, distracted drivers, radiation hazards, workplace training or trying to reduce slips and falls on your property, you'll find helpful info in this issue. Good luck on your next test!

Have a safe month
Paul Sandefer, President

What's New at

1,200+ Restaurant / Kitchen / Food Safety / Dining signs with a wide variety of messages for restaurants, hotels, cafeterias or your own kitchen. (You'll find page links in the Industrial Hazards tab on the store menu.) Topics include:
  • engraved restaurant signEngraved Dining & Restaurant - This collection features 12 color combinations, including three premium color options with gold lettering on backgrounds with a marble-like appearance.
  • Allergy Warnings - Use to identify areas where shellfish, soy, nuts, gluten or other ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions are present.
  • Food Preparation - OSHA, ANSI or general format signs to designate areas for raw or cooked food, food holding temperatures, hand washing instructions, sink designations and much more.
  • Dining & Restaurant - This collection includes messages from the classic "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service," to maximum occupancy, payment options and carry-out parking.
  • Kitchen Safety - The easy way to post specific safety rules and instructions for knife safety, ovens, slicing machines, deep fryers, microwave ovens, disposals, dishwashers, refrigerators and more.
  • Kitchen PPE - These apron, glove and hairnet reminders will help keep workers safe.novelty kitchen sign
  • Novelty Kitchen & Food Safety - Based on the popularity of our novelty swimming pool signs, we created a group for kitchens, including, "Kitchen closed, detour to nearest restaurant" printed in black and orange with an arrow reminiscent of a highway sign, "If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen" and several others. 
  • See all the new Food Safety and Kitchen signs here.

Bilingual pool safety signSpanish and English / Spanish bilingual Swimming Pool Rules and Pool Restrictions signs. We created Spanish and bilingual versions of our popular pool safety signs to help you make important pool safety rules clear to all your pool visitors.
We've also updated our tabbed menus to make them easier to read and to help you find the signs you need even faster.
Every month you'll find hundreds of new signs and site improvements at Next Up: A great new Search tool.

Are Manufacturers #2 on OSHA Target List?

Manufacturing Safety SignsA review of data from OSHA's Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP) suggests that OSHA is targeting manufacturing operations. Nearly 20% of all companies placed in OSHA's SVEP are in the manufacturing industry, according to data released in July. That makes manufacturers the number two target behind construction firms.

SVEP focuses on companies that have experienced workplace fatalities and those that expose workers to severe occupational hazards or high priority hazards from OSHA's National Emphasis Programs. Hazards commonly found in manufacturing operations include amputations, combustible dust and crystalline silica exposure.

Employer Tool Kit Available for Drive Safely Work Week in October

How's My Driving signThe Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) and the U.S. Dept. of Transportation will sponsor Drive Safely Work Week from October 3-7, focusing on distracted driving. This year's campaign, Focus 360° - Getting there safely is everyone's responsibility, promotes a preventive approach to distracted driving, including the roles that passengers, pedestrians and others play.
The group is now offering an employer tool kit that can help you develop a mobile device policy and make distracted driving prevention a part of everyday safety both in and out of the workplace.

Watch for Globally Harmonized Standard Rule in September

DOT placard
Although OSHA's head promised new GHS labeling standards in August, the agency has now published a target date to align U.S. labeling of hazardous chemicals with international standards. According to it's semiannual agenda, OSHA plans to issue a final rule by September to implement the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) into the agency's Hazard Communication Standard.

Proposed changes included in the new rule:
  1. Renaming Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) to Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  2. Displaying pictograms and signal words on container labels
  3. Introduction of new chemical classifications

Are You Meeting 2011 ADA Requirements for Accessible Parking Spaces?

van accessible parking signNew regulations for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became effective in March, including a requirement of one van-accessible parking space for every six standard handicapped accessible spaces (up from one per eight spaces under the previous law).

Signage instructions for accessible spaces are: "International symbol of accessibility placed in front of the parking space mounted at least five feet above the ground, measured to the top of the sign. Van-accessible spaces include the designation "van accessible."

The Department of Justice has developed a guide to explain requirements and help small businesses comply with the revised rules.

Online Help with OSHA Crane Rules

crane hand signals posterFederal OSHA law mandates that riggers and signalers working as part of a crane crew be currently certified through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). The NCCCO now has dedicated an area on its website to helping employers, operators, riggers, signalers and others from industry better understand the personnel qualification requirements under federal OSHA's new rules for cranes and derricks in construction.

Understanding the OSHA Rule and How It Affects You compiles resources from OSHA and NCCCO including full regulatory text, historical background and OSHA fact sheets explaining the qualification requirements for each job function. The page also includes links to analysis and relevant documents that can help employers and employees understand the rules and ensure compliance with the new personnel qualification requirements.

A guide details which cranes are covered by the rule and shows explanatory graphics including a flowchart for determining when a certified operator is required for articulating cranes and loaders. A memo and letter of interpretation from OSHA that clarify the difference between "construction" (which this rule applies to), and "maintenance" (which it doesn't), are also included.

Global Study Identifies Workplace Training Shortfalls

Results of a just-released global study provide some insights on workplace training that could help you improve safety training in your organization. More than 3,000 government and commercial training-related managers responded to the survey conducted by ESI International in March.

safety slogan signThe study points out some striking contradictions between how effective organizations think their training programs are, and their ability to prove any actual on-the-job application of that training.

Sixty percent of those surveyed indicate that they do not have a systematic approach to prepare a trainee to apply learning on-the-job. Almost 60 percent of respondents use either informal / anecdotal feedback or "simply a guess" to determine if employees actually apply safety training while on the job.The top three strategies considered most important for effective training:
  1. Ensuring trainees have the time, resources and responsibility to apply learning
  2. Support of managers
  3. An instructional approach that simulates the actual work environment
The "possibility of more responsibility" and an impact on HR / performance reviews were cited as the most important rewards for motivating trainees.

August News and Notes

New Study Looks at Slip-Resistant Shoes in Food Service Industry Danger wet floor sign
NIOSH has begun a study of the effectiveness of slip-resistant shoes in reducing slip and fall injuries in the food service industry. Food-service company ARAMARK is collaborating in this NIOSH-led research by providing access to its workforce. The study involves the participation of approximately 4,000 employees and will continue for three years.

OSHA Strengthens Whistleblower Program
OSHA is implementing measures to "significantly strengthen" enforcement of Whistleblower laws that protect employees who report violations of various workplace safety laws. It is also releasing an internal report detailing a recent top-to-bottom review of the program. Changes include adding 25 new investigators, restructuring program management, increased investigator training and updating procedures. Read more here or review the internal review report here.

FDA Seeks Comments on Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
The FDA is seeking public comment to help it formulate fee guidelines for re-inspections and failures to comply with recall orders. In particular, the Agency is seeking public comments on whether special consideration for small business is appropriate, and if so, what factors to consider. The FDA also is seeking public comment on how small business should be defined or recognized. Comments can be submitted either electronically or in writing by October 17, 2011. Read more here.Caution Wet Floor portable sign

Cleaning Technique is Critical Element of Slips and Falls
in Public
A study conducted by CNA Insurance found that application of cleaning material and cleaning techniques are critical factors in most public slip and fall incidents. The results showed that slip resistance improved after a floor was properly cleaned and actually got worse if improper cleaning procedures were used. Download the report (pdf) here.

SAFETY TIP: Manufacturing Safety

manufacturing safety signIt looks like OSHA is targeting manufacturing operations. Here are some manufacturing safety tips from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (Australia) to help keep you accident-free:
  • Keep work areas clear and tidy.
  • Keep air hoses and power cords away from thoroughfares or taped down.
  • Stack or remove buckets and pallets when not in use.
  • Clean up excess product, waste materials and material spills from walkways.
  • Remove excess filings, shavings, materials and off-cuts from walkways and work areas.
  • Mark walkways and exclusion zones around work areas.
  • Provide enough storage to keep materials and waste out of work areas.
  • Have safe systems for the delivery and storage of materials, and collection and removal of waste.
  • Inspect delivery and storage areas regularly for hazards.
  • Provide appropriate lighting for the tasks being done. 

Manufacturing Safety Resources:
·         Equipment and Work Safety Checklists from Oregon OSHA.
·         OSHA Recommended Practices for Safety & Health Programs.
·         NIOSH Fatal Occupational Injury Cost Fact Sheet: Manufacturing.
·         Browse Machine & Process safety signs at

Radiation Safety in the Workplace

Recent events in Japan and elsewhere have increased the focus on radiation hazards in the workplace. Following the crippling of Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant this spring, some Pacific coast residents began buying iodine pills to protect themselves from the effects of any radiation that would blow across the ocean. What they didn't realize is that, on an average day, most of us are exposed to far more radiation than they could ever expect to receive from an accident halfway across the world.

Like fire, radiation can be both a valuable tool and a serious danger. There's no need to be afraid of radiation, but it's good to develop a healthy respect for its power and to follow practices that minimize the potential danger. Read workplace radiation advice from the safety experts at Safety Management Group here, or browse Radiation Safety signs here.

MENU FOCUS: Parking Signs

If you have a parking lot, you probably need parking signs of some description. Fortunately, has hundreds of parking signs you can browse and order with a few clicks of your mouse. No stopping anty time signAnd if you have special needs, we can create a custom parking sign just for you. Here's what you'll find under the Parking Signs tab at

  • General - Decal & permit notices; No stopping / standing; In/out arrows; Tow zones; Patron parking and more.
  • No Parking - Big selection of No Parking signs for any situation
  • Fire / Emergency - Fire lanes, Ambulance and Emergency instructions
  • Limited Time - Show minutes, hours or your custom time range
  • Disabled / Accessible - Identify accessible spaces, entrances, drop-off zones, van spaces and more
  • parking lot signTow-Away - For permit and disabled spaces, loading zones, customers, residents, hospitals, exit areas and more 
  • Directional - Bold arrows on these signs clearly identify various parking zones
  • Drop Off - Bus stops; Taxi stands; Patient loading / unloading; Delivery area; Carpool and more
  • Reserved - No matter who you want to reserve parking for, we have a sign to mark their reserved spaces: Boss, Captain, Customer, Mayor, Manager, Maintenance, Principal and many more 
  • Alternative Fuel Parking & Charging - These signs identify charging stations and reserved spaces for hybrids, carpools and more
  • Lot / Garage - In / Out; Enter / Exit; Arrows; Speed limit; Gate warnings; Floor levels and anything else you need for your parking lot or garage
  • Business / School - 3 pages of signs designed for the needs of businesses, hospitals, churches, schools and other locations
  • State Disabled - Signs to meet state-specific requirements for handicap accessible parking spaces
  • Bike / Recreation- Bike and moped parking; Bike path; No bikes; Private road; No parking  areas for parks or recreational areas
  • Parking Arrows - You guessed it: directional arrows to use with your parking / no parking signsstate accessible parking sign
  • Drug Free Zone - Use these reflective parking-style signs to identify areas where drugs, tobacco, weapons, alcohol or bullies are not tolerated 
  • Blank write-on signs - Create your own parking sign on-site to meet any situation.
  • Custom parking signs in many configurations - Arrows, hours, symbols or text - create exactly the sign you need at

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