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August 19, 2011

August News and Notes

New Study Looks at Slip-Resistant Shoes in Food Service Industry Danger wet floor sign
NIOSH has begun a study of the effectiveness of slip-resistant shoes in reducing slip and fall injuries in the food service industry. Food-service company ARAMARK is collaborating in this NIOSH-led research by providing access to its workforce. The study involves the participation of approximately 4,000 employees and will continue for three years.

OSHA Strengthens Whistleblower Program
OSHA is implementing measures to "significantly strengthen" enforcement of Whistleblower laws that protect employees who report violations of various workplace safety laws. It is also releasing an internal report detailing a recent top-to-bottom review of the program. Changes include adding 25 new investigators, restructuring program management, increased investigator training and updating procedures. Read more here or review the internal review report here.

FDA Seeks Comments on Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
The FDA is seeking public comment to help it formulate fee guidelines for re-inspections and failures to comply with recall orders. In particular, the Agency is seeking public comments on whether special consideration for small business is appropriate, and if so, what factors to consider. The FDA also is seeking public comment on how small business should be defined or recognized. Comments can be submitted either electronically or in writing by October 17, 2011. Read more here.Caution Wet Floor portable sign

Cleaning Technique is Critical Element of Slips and Falls
in Public
A study conducted by CNA Insurance found that application of cleaning material and cleaning techniques are critical factors in most public slip and fall incidents. The results showed that slip resistance improved after a floor was properly cleaned and actually got worse if improper cleaning procedures were used. Download the report (pdf) here.

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