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August 19, 2011

Global Study Identifies Workplace Training Shortfalls

Results of a just-released global study provide some insights on workplace training that could help you improve safety training in your organization. More than 3,000 government and commercial training-related managers responded to the survey conducted by ESI International in March.

safety slogan signThe study points out some striking contradictions between how effective organizations think their training programs are, and their ability to prove any actual on-the-job application of that training.

Sixty percent of those surveyed indicate that they do not have a systematic approach to prepare a trainee to apply learning on-the-job. Almost 60 percent of respondents use either informal / anecdotal feedback or "simply a guess" to determine if employees actually apply safety training while on the job.The top three strategies considered most important for effective training:
  1. Ensuring trainees have the time, resources and responsibility to apply learning
  2. Support of managers
  3. An instructional approach that simulates the actual work environment
The "possibility of more responsibility" and an impact on HR / performance reviews were cited as the most important rewards for motivating trainees.

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