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August 19, 2011

SAFETY TIP: Manufacturing Safety

manufacturing safety signIt looks like OSHA is targeting manufacturing operations. Here are some manufacturing safety tips from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (Australia) to help keep you accident-free:
  • Keep work areas clear and tidy.
  • Keep air hoses and power cords away from thoroughfares or taped down.
  • Stack or remove buckets and pallets when not in use.
  • Clean up excess product, waste materials and material spills from walkways.
  • Remove excess filings, shavings, materials and off-cuts from walkways and work areas.
  • Mark walkways and exclusion zones around work areas.
  • Provide enough storage to keep materials and waste out of work areas.
  • Have safe systems for the delivery and storage of materials, and collection and removal of waste.
  • Inspect delivery and storage areas regularly for hazards.
  • Provide appropriate lighting for the tasks being done. 

Manufacturing Safety Resources:
·         Equipment and Work Safety Checklists from Oregon OSHA.
·         OSHA Recommended Practices for Safety & Health Programs.
·         NIOSH Fatal Occupational Injury Cost Fact Sheet: Manufacturing.
·         Browse Machine & Process safety signs at

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