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September 13, 2011

AASE Calls for Action on Workplace Fatalities


In response to the just-released BLS workplace fatalities report, The American Society of Safety Engineers issued a statement that "... the fact that this nation's fatalities are not significantly decreasing should be a call for action, not complacency." ASSE urged "everyone concerned with worker safety not to accept as reasonable the preliminary results of this report that show little change in the number of workplace fatalities between 2009 and 2010."

"A statistical plateau of worker fatalities is not an achievement but evidence that this nation's effort to protect workers is stalled.These statistics call for nothing less than a new paradigm in the way this nation protects workers," said ASSE President Terrie Norris.

"Instead of a tug of war over compliance to prescriptive standards that cannot address each workplace, this nation's approach to workplace safety must encourage a specific dialogue about the most important risks in each workplace that engages employers, workers and OSHA in a cooperative effort to address those risks ...," he continued.

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