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December 16, 2011

Consider a ComplianceSigns Corporate Portal in 2012

Corporate PortalDid you know you can have your own custom home page at We call them corporate portals, and there are a lot of great reasons to consider adding one in 2012:
  • All the signs you regularly order in one convenient location
  • Ensure consistency across multiple locations - you decide what signs and sizes are shown, so your people can't order non-approved signs, colors or sizes
  • Convenient for multiple users
  • Set up custom signs for your company (name, phone number, etc.)
We'll set up a page separate from the rest of our site that lets you send a link to whoever needs access. No special software is required, and the checkout process works just the same as our public site. Your corporate portal simplifies ordering and gives you greater control. For more details, Contact our Sales team.

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