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January 18, 2012

January News and Notes

NTSB Says New DOT Hands-free Rule Doesn't Go Far Enoughno cell phone label
A new DOT rule specifically prohibits commercial drivers from using hand-held mobile telephones while operating commercial trucks or buses. But the National Traffic Safety Board says that's not enough, and has called for a complete ban on cell phone use by all drivers, except in emergencies. NTSB says research shows there is no safety benefit to the use of hands-free cell phone devices. Read more about the new DOT rule here, review a NTSB distracted driving fact sheet here, or browse cell phone and texting labels here.

New Report Connects Health Care Worker Fatigue and Patient Safety
The link between health care worker fatigue and adverse events is well documented, with a substantial number of studies indicating that extended work hours contribute to high levels of worker fatigue and reduced productivity. These studies show fatigue increases the risk of adverse events, compromises patient safety, and increases risk to personal safety and well-being. Read more here or download the report here (pdf).
Recycling signs
New Plastics Recycling Website for Recycling Professionals is a one-stop site for extensive information on plastics recycling, including consumer education programs, sorting technologies, containers, bags and film. The site is designed primarily for community recycling coordinators, solid waste officials and other professionals tasked with helping communities collect and recycle their plastics. Read more here or visit

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