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February 20, 2012

OSHA Authorizes 25 New Online Training Courses

OSHA has authorized production of 25 online courses as part of its Outreach Training Program. The online courses, which are voluntary and not required by OSHA, teach workers how to identify, prevent, and eliminate workplace hazards - and help employers reduce the high costs of Browse OSHA safety signs at ComplianceSigns.comworker injuries and illnesses. Workers must also receive additional training on hazards specific to their job.

The online courses will provide a variety of 10- and 30-hour classes designed for Construction, General Industry and Maritime workplaces. The 10-hour classes are intended for entry level workers, while the 30-hour classes are more appropriate for supervisors or workers with some safety responsibility.

More than 135,000 workers received OSHA-approved online training in 2011 - a five-fold increase from the number of online students trained in 2007.

OSHA also has revised outreach training program guidelines. New documents include Program Requirements and separate Industry Procedures for Construction, General Industry, Maritime and Disaster Site Worker.


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