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March 16, 2012

Are Music Headphones a Workplace Hazard?

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  1. As you hear songs, the concentration will be taken off from your work. You need to be really careful if dealing with machineries. So in this case you might face severe injuries even due to a small negligence.

  2. I think they definitely can be, especially when working with heavy machinery. Being able to properly hear is a key component of construction site safety.

  3. Has no one considered only using one headphone? I work in a warehouse and i stand still to do my job, no trucks or anything comes near me but i got a temporary notice on my file for wearing one headphone because and i quote "you might not hear the fire alarm". How deaf would I have to be to not hear the fire alarm when only one ear is at worst partially compromised, I could still hear the tannoy and anyone talking to me

  4. I would urge to avoid using headphones or loud music as part of the construction site safety protocol. Just like you shouldn't wear headphones while driving a car.