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April 21, 2012

New Pool and Spa Safety Code Available from IC

Pool Rules signThe International Code Council (ICC) and pool safety organizations have joined together to publish the first comprehensive code to upgrade pool and spa safety, and meet the requirements of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. The new code is now available in soft cover and as a PDF download.

The International Swimming Pool and Spa Code™ (ISPSC), published by the ICC, establishes minimum safety requirements for public and residential pools, spas and hot tubs. ISPSC was developed with input from a wide range of industry experts, including the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), and was finalized through the Code Council's governmental consensus process.

The ISPSC combines relevant provisions of ICC Codes and APSP standards to create a consolidated document for pool and spa safety. Adoption of the ISPEC will allow code enforcement officials, health officials, designers and builders to more effectively ensure pools and spas are built safely.

The new standard:
  • Meets or exceeds Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act compliance. No Diving Sign
  • Refers to and integrates APSP ANSI standards.
  • Contains barrier, decking, lighting, circulation system, pump, accessibility, diving, sanitizing equipment, filter, and suction fitting provisions coordinating with the IBC and IRC.
  • Covers all types of aquatic vessels including residential and public pools, portable and in-ground spas, water parks, exercise spas and hot tubs.
  • Requires portable spas be certified to latest industry standards, eliminating the need to inspect inaccessible interior components.
  • Specifically addresses aquatic recreation facilities.
  • Includes the first energy standard for residential portable electric spas and for residential in-ground swimming pools and spas.
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