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May 22, 2012

NIOSH Launches Construction Fall-Prevention Effort

AFall Protection label new safety campaign from NIOSH and the Center for Construction Research and Training encourages everyone in the construction industry to work safely and use the right equipment to reduce falls. Special emphasis and activity will focus on residential construction contractors and workers.

Falls are the number one cause of construction-worker fatalities, accounting for one-third of on-the-job injury deaths in the industry. To turn this problem around, we need to promote the use of fall prevention practices by contractors and construction workers. The campaign promotes three main messages:
  1. Contractors and workers can plan together, before every job, to work safely at heights
  2. Contractors must provide the right equipment for working at heights, and workers need to use that equipment.
  3. Contractors and workers need to be trained to use the equipment and to work safely.
A variety of campaign materials are available to raise awareness about construction falls and to provide practical information about fall prevention, including posters, fact sheets, training materials, stickers and more. New materials will be released on a regular basis over the course of the campaign. There is also an interesting interactive map showing the locations of fatal construction falls that occurred in 2011.

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