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June 15, 2012

Office Workers Not Prepared for Workplace Emergencies

Emergency Contact signLess than 25 percent of office workers say they are are prepared for basic emergency procedures such as medical emergencies or hazardous material exposures, according to a recent survey. Half of workers surveyed said they participate in safety drills only once every few years or never, and nearly half are unsure if their company has an emergency communication plan.

The survey of small business managers and office workers, conducted by office supply giant Staples, found that managers were far better informed of workplace safety preparedness than office workers. For example, nearly 70 percent of managers say their company has an emergency communication plan. Managers also were almost 50 percent more likely than non-managers to be able to locate safety-related supplies such as defibrillators, eye wash or dust masks.

More good news: When it comes to fire, more than 70 percent of both managers and office workers felt their company was somewhat or very prepared. But the gaps in office workers' awareness of safety plans and emergency preparedness point to the need for better communication.

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