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July 22, 2012

What's New at - July

You'll find more than 300 new signs and labels at this month, including:

Business Hours signsBusiness Hours and Open / Closed signs.
We now stock a selection of business hours in a variety of styles, from flashing LEDs to classic analog clocks to suit your business personality.

More Pet Safety / Animal Handling signs. These signs and labels cover a variety of pet-related topics, including hot car warning signs for parking areas and a dozen small yard signs that can be ordered with a 2-foot poly sign stake.

Pool / Spa
Accessible Pool Lift signLift signs. The 2010 ADA Standards now require pools and spas to have accessible means of entry. Use these signs to identify and give instructions for ADA-required pool and spa lifts.

Machine Safety signs. Nearly 100 new OSHA, ANSI and safety signs address topics including flying debris, dust inhalation, rotating machinery, emergency stops, fan safety and more.

Cell Phone Rules signs. More than two dozen new signs to remind people to turn off or silence cell phones at service counters / windows, cashiers, quiet zones, churches and more. Whether you prefer serious or humorous messages, you'll find your cell phone sign here.

Heat Index signHeat Illness signs. Summer heat can cause illness or death. We created a dozen heat illness signs to remind workers to keep cool and explain the signs of heat illness.

California Swimming Pool / Spa Rules. Changes to the California swimming pool code (TITLE 24) affecting pool construction and renovation - including new sign regulations - take effect September 1, 2012. We have the signs you need now.

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