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August 17, 2012

Construction Fall Prevention Safety Tips

With the OSHA Fall Prevention Directive for residential construction taking effect next month, this is a good time to renew your fall prevention efforts. Here are some OSHA tips to prevent falls in construction:

Ladder Safety LabelTo prevent falls from roofs:

  • Wear a harness and always stay connected
  • Make sure your harness fits
  • Use guardrails or lifelines
  • Inspect all fall protection equipment before use
  • Guard or cover all holes, openings, and skylights

To prevent falls from ladders:

  • Choose the right ladder for the job
  • Maintain three points of contact
  • Secure the ladder
  • Always face the ladder

Scaffold Safety Sign To prevent falls from scaffolds:

  • Use fully planked scaffolds
  • Ensure proper access to scaffold
  • Plumb and level
  • Complete ALL guardrails
  • Ensure stable footing
  • Inspect before use (by competent person)


  1. Thanks for the great safety tips! Ladder falls can be some of the most dangerous parts about a job. Take it from me, I have had a few spills from extension ladders over the years, and have learned my own lessons!

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  3. AnonymousJuly 15, 2013

    thanks for this one. I think construction sites post the greatest risks, and these tips will definitely help out.

    IF you guys are looking for safety tips, you can check this out -

  4. This is a great article, I am glad I came across it. Since hiring a few young workers for my construction company this summer, I have been stressing about safety on the job site. Obviously they are still learning about how to do things and how to operate some equipment. I decided to have them take lead training classes. Not only did I hear great things about this training but I also had a few of my older guys do it. I think the biggest advantage is the kids will learn how to safely handle lead materials on construction projects. These courses also meet CDPH requirements which will open a lot of opportunities for further growth in construction. But these tips are important because the little things like staying hydrated and keeping cool are very important as well.

  5. No matter how well we know our job, it is always best to get back to the basics for safety. Thanks for sharing.