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September 20, 2012

First Aid Every Worker Should Know

In an age of sophisticated technology and immediate emergency response by pressing three buttons on any phone, first aid may sound like a quaint concept from your days in Scouting. But it's every bit as important today as it was back then. Even if a paramedic-equipped ambulance can be at your jobsite in five minutes, a lot can happen to a human body in that time. First aid can keep a bad situation from getting worse, and it provides fast solutions to situations that aren't all that bad.

In simple terms, first aid is any kind of emergency care in response to a sudden injury or illness before trained medical professionals can take over. It can be delivered by anyone who has received basic first aid training, and OSHA standards require first-aid providers whenever a worksite does not offer immediate access to an infirmary, clinic or hospital. The safety experts at Safety Management Group have prepared an article that identifies what every worker should know about first aid. Read more here, or browse First Aid Safety Signs at

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