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September 17, 2012

OSHA Issues Direct Final Rule on Demolition and Underground Construction Hoists

OCE-3975 - INSPECT SLINGS BEFORE USING OSHA recently issued a direct final rule and notice of proposed rulemaking that applies the requirements of the August 2010 cranes and derricks in construction standard to demolition work and underground construction. The rule is designed to protect workers from hazards associated with hoisting equipment used during construction activities.

The new rule will apply to underground construction and demolition the same rules that are already being used by other construction sectors, and eliminate the separate cranes and derricks standard currently used for underground and demolition work. The rulemaking also corrects several errors introduced in the 2010 rulemaking to make it easier for workers and employers to understand and implement these standards.

direct final rule will become effective November 15, 2012, unless OSHA receives a significant adverse comment by September 17. If the agency receives significant adverse comments, the accompanying notice of proposed rulemaking will allow the agency to continue the notice-and-comment component of the rulemaking by withdrawing the direct final rule. Browse OSHA Crane Safety Signs at

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