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September 20, 2012

SAFETY TIP: How To Increase Workplace Safety for Older Workers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports fatal work injury rates for workers 55 years and older were higher than the overall U.S. rate in 2010, and the rate for workers 65 years of age and older was more than three times the rate for all workers. The ASSE suggests the following tips to help employers and employees increase workplace safety for older workers:

  • Machine Safety signs at ComplianceSigns.comEnsure regular health checks for shift workers over 40
  • Ensure annual eye exams for inspectors, and current eye exams and correct vision prescription for all workers
  • Use task lighting to make low-contrast targets (defects) more visible
  • Ensure a higher coefficient of friction between the operator's fingers and the tool surface when precision tools are used
  • Keep shelves between knees and shoulder height whenever possible
  • Provide both visual and audio signals to machine operators when emergency situations arise
  • Reduce static standing time
  • Avoid using small print in instructions, orders or on equipment - use 11-point font or larger
  • Show older workers how to evaluate their workstations and workspaces so they can help eliminate conditions that lead to fatigue and discomfort
  • Use LCD displays for reduced glare, with a 17-inch or larger monitor, if possible
  • Install skid resistant material for flooring and especially for stair treads
  • Increase illumination for walking surfaces and stairs
  • Consider necessary reaction time when assigning older workers to tasks
Read additional tips from ASSE here, or browse Machine Safety signs at

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