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September 21, 2012

What's New at - September

You'll find more than 2,550 new signs and labels at since last month's newsletter! That's not quite a record, but it shows that we're dedicated to providing the signs you need. Here's a sampling of new signs now available:Retail / Hospitality Signs
Retail / Dining / Hospitality Signs. We added hundreds of printed, tactile + braille and engraved acrylic signs for use in retail, dining, hospitality and other businesses. Topics include Check Out Counters, Payment Policies (cash, credit, debit, etc.), Co-payment Notices, Appointment Notices and more. See them here.

Office Signs. From Quiet Please and Do Not Slam Door to Meeting in Progress and Please Come In, these signs address common issues for medical and business offices, schools, churches and more.
Find many of them from this page.Business Hours Signs
Business Hours Signs. These signs let your customers know when you're open for business - or when to come back if you're closed. We also added more Open / Closed signs in engraved, printed and electronic styles. Take a look.

Even More Recreation signs. We said to check back for new additions, and if you did you'd find nine new sign collections related to recreation activities: Fishing, Hiking, Trails, Horseback, Snow Sports, Skating, Boating / Marine, Fitness Facilities and Sports Fields. Whether you need to mark trails, post rules or just give visitors a laugh, you'll find something to meet your needs.
Start browsing here to see them all.

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