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October 22, 2012

7 Steps of a Thorough Accident Investigation

There's a tremendous difference between investigating a workplace incident and finding someone to blame for it. Unfortunately, it's all too common for companies to confuse the two concepts. When something goes wrong, they work hard to identify who they believe to be at fault, and that's where the investigation stops.

ASE-5510 - Report all unsafe conditions immediatelyA more productive accident investigation approach goes far beyond placing blame. Instead, it focuses on identifying flaws in the process leading up to the incident and the safety procedures that were supposed to prevent it from happening. The ultimate goal is not only to ensure that the accident isn't repeated; it's to use what you learn to head off other types of accidents. Another purpose is to prepare for the possibility of litigation, especially in incidents that result in severe injuries or fatalities.

The safety experts at Safety Management Group have prepared an article that walks you through the seven steps of investigating an accident - and hopefully preventing another like it. Read the article here, or browse safety labels and signs here.

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