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October 16, 2012

NIOSH Offers Free Hearing Loss Webinar

On October 30, at 3:00 EDT, join NIOSH for a free webinar on preventing work-related hearing loss. CEUs are available.

Who Should Participate?

Anyone who works with people exposed to loud noise or music, including: nurses, educators, youth leaders, community volunteers, safety managers and small business owners.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to:

    Hearing Protection PPE signs
  1. State three occupations and industries where workers lose their hearing more rapidly than others
  2. Describe the relationship between noise exposure, hearing loss and tinnitus
  3. Describe a simple indication that hearing protection should be worn
  4. Demonstrate two methods of hearing protection
  5. State 3 key factors in selecting and using appropriate hearing protection devices (HPD)
  6. Identify 3 barriers and 3 enablers related to use of hearing protection
  7. Identify readily available sources of additional information on prevention of NIHL and free or low-cost, teaching materials for teaching students and others about noise, hearing loss prevention, and use of hearing protection.

This train-the-trainer workshop is designed to increase knowledge about preventing noise-and music- induced prevention of hearing loss. There are no prerequisites for this educational program.


  1. I discovered this blog post while researching information about noise induced hearing loss, will there be a similar webinar again this year?

    1. Tom:
      I checked the NIOSH site and don't see this webinar on the schedule yet.

      You can check the NIOSH Conferences and Events page here:

      or get more info on workplace hearing protection here: