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November 23, 2012

New NIOSH Web Tool Helps Employers Buy Quiet Tools

Ear Protection SignEmployers can most effectively reduce hazardous noise levels at their worksites through their procurement process - by comparing the noise emission levels of differing models of equipment being considered and, whenever possible, purchasing a quieter model. "Buy quiet" provides an easy and effective method for an employer to demonstrate a commitment to the use of the best available technology to reduce the number of workers suffering from, or at risk of, occupational noise-induced hearing loss.

NIOSH recently launched a Buy-Quiet web tool to help construction and manufacturing organizations implement a Buy-Quiet program by making it easier to identify and purchase quieter tools and machinery. The new tool assists in ensuring the best available noise control technologies are considered when purchasing new equipment. It provides a platform for making, documenting and tracking Buy-Quiet purchases, including capturing machine and equipment inventory, setting up policy documentation and promoting your Buy-Quiet program with customers and suppliers.

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