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December 7, 2012

Obesity Study Uncovers Risks for Low-wage Workers

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A new study, presented by MassCOSH, UMass and Boston Workers Alliance, looks at low-wage workers employed in heavy labor positions and how work conditions contribute to weight gain and obesity. It is widely recognized lower-income individuals are disproportionately represented among the overweight and obese.

“Exhaustion and injuries, time pressure, stress and lack of access to healthy food - sometimes even access to a place to eat - were problems that most workers felt had a big impact on their weight,” said a co-author of the study.

Obesity/Overweight and the role of Working Conditions offers practical employer suggestions, as well as recommendations for employers and policymakers, emphasizing the need to address working conditions as part of workplace obesity or wellness programs.

Three key employer tips from the study:
  • Allow sufficient time for breaks and meals; provide the state-mandated 30 minutes consecutively, as a single break.
  • Support daily communication of rest and meal break times to employees, to reduce anxiety about hunger and to facilitate healthy meal planning.
  • Provide a clean space for eating, with sufficient functional equipment.
Read more about the study here.
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