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December 18, 2012

Working With First Responders in a Workplace Emergency

Safety professionals, paramedics and firefighters all the share the goal of protecting people and property from harm. Each group has different responsibilities, and they approach their tasks from a different perspective. When firefighters or paramedics come racing up to the front gate of a workplace, they probably know very little about the site. They have no way of knowing what type of work activity is taking place in which area, and what types of hazards may be present. So it falls to the safety professional to create and continually update an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for the site.

The more effectively these groups can work together, the better each group will be at accomplishing its specific goal.  The safety professionals at Safety Management Group have prepared an excellent article on working with first responders, authored by a safety professional who is also a firefighter/paramedic. Give it a read for practical suggestions you can use to make sure your working relationship with local first responders is as efficient and positive as possible.

Read more here, or Browse Fire / Emergency signs here.

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