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February 20, 2013

What's New at - February 2013

Would you believe that more than 1,850 new signs and labels were added to in the past month? It's true! That number includes signs for restrooms, shower / eyewash, credit card surcharges, accessible parking, automatic gates, PCB warnings, vehicle safety and many more. Here are some highlights:

Square ADA Braille Facility signs. These 9-inch acrylic squares include tactile and Braille information, plus the familiar pictogram image for restrooms or other facilities. They're available in 28 color combinations to meet your design needs.

Weapons signs on topics including concealed carry, state laws, weapons welcome and more. Available on a variety of sign materials, or as self-stick labels.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) labels address static and grounding rules and warnings. Our self-adhesive, permanent labels are easy to apply - just peel and stick to most surfaces.

Long Sleeve PPE signs are the latest addition to our collection of general PPE notices. They're available in ANSI, OSHA and general safety sign formats, in a variety of sizes.

Type K Fire Extinguisher signs and labels are required in many commercial kitchens. Type K extinguishers are designed to put out fires in deep fryers, where other extinguishers may not work. OSHA requires these signs near Type K extinguishers.

Vehicle Boot parking signs let drivers know you'll give 'em the boot if they park illegally. Our reflective perking signs are made with 3M vinyl sheeting, and pre-drilled for easy surface or post mounting. Parking boot signs are also available as reflective vinyl labels.

All our signs are proudly Made in the USA and easy to order today. See them all on our New Signs and Labels page.

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